Friday, October 31, 2008

Hannah's Halloween

Hannah celebrated her first Halloween this year! She got to show off some of her nifty outfits. Check them out:

As for the festivities, we eased her into Halloween by taking it really slow this year. First we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw all the decorated houses on the adjacent two blocks. Next we went home and put Hannah in her real costume: A cocoon! Actually I think she looks more like a human battery from the Matrix but the transitional phase of a flying insect works too.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gratuitous Near-Smiling Pics

That's's our blog and we'll post what we want!!!!

Oh Noes! Cradle Cap Rears Its Ugly Head...

Hannah has developed cradle cap. Either that or it's snowing in the San Fernando Valley. We washed it off and it really isn't too big a deal, but hopefully it won't continue.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Family Dinner Outing

Everyone who knows us knows how much we love food. So it's been torture to not be able to dine out, especially for Christine, who hasn't eaten out in over a month! However, a couple days ago we decided to brave the scary, germ-infested world to go to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in the Valley: El Rancho! Luckily it's only a couple blocks away. Carnitas Burritos never tasted so good! And fortunately the restaurant was full of moms who were completely understanding when Hannah started crying towards the end. All things considered, it was a total success. Next stop: Daichan!

Oh Thank Heavens!

Hannah started smiling this week! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! We don't care if it's gas..we'll take it!

By the way, Hannah is 5 weeks old today! She now weighs 7 lbs, 15 oz. We also learned that she's in the bottom 25 percentile in terms of height -- just like Mommy!

Sssshhhh...Nap Time...

This is how we usually spend Wednesday afternoons. Is there any better way?

Friday, October 10, 2008

4 Weeks Old!

Hannah is 4 weeks old today! What a perfect excuse to come up with a time capsule! In her 28 days here on earth she already has some favorites. And by favorites I mean stuff that doesn't make her cry. Here they are:

Favorite Song: "Sellotape" by Flight of the Conchords
Favorite Book: "Daddy's Kisses" by Anne Gutman and George Hallensleben
Favorite Sleeping Spot: On the My Brest Friend.
Favorite Breast: The left one
Favorite Sound: The rain sound from the Sleep Sheep. The one that sounds like sizzling bacon. That's Daddy's favorite sound as well.
Favorite Burping Position: Over the Shoulder, although two weeks ago it was the Cedars' Stanglehold
Favorite Drink: Rasberry Mojitos. She likes the sweet drinks.
Favorite Activity: Being bounced on the Yoga Ball

We'll check back in a month to see if her tastes have changed. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Bailout

Daddy has started his 90 hr week crunch schedule at work, meaning he comes home late every work day. And for three days a week he comes home 12 am or later (hence the drop in posts). So Mom has no breaks whatsoever! Luckily Grandma was able to come by and help out Christine Monday night. Hannah and Grandma had some nice bonding time, so hopefully this will become a weekly thing until Dad's crunch ends in late Nov. Thanks Grandma for bailing us out!

Also, we've started giving Hannah the bottle for one meal every two days. Yep, mom has started pumping. Hannah loves the breast a little too much, and she often just hangs out there, using mom as a pacifier. And she just falls asleep there too, almost every time. This has totally been tying mom down! Pretty soon Mom's legs will start to wither away from atrophy, like the earthlings from Wall-E. As a result, we introduced bottle feeding -- and Hannah did not miss a beat! So hopefully when mom goes back to work in Dec. it'll be a smooth transition for everyone.

Another cool thing that happened this week: Hannah's Social Security Card came in the mail! She's now able to work -- sweeeet! With our retirement accounts going down the tubes, we can sure use the extra income. Our family will be recovering from the recession in no time!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hannah Meets More Anties, Uncles and Cousins

This past week Hannah finally met the rest of our family: Auntie Vanessa, Uncle Pat, Cousin Jude and Auntie Lisa. Cute!