Friday, March 19, 2010

New Kids On The Block

Hannah made some new friends this winter!

Here's Lucas. He's the Donnie of the bunch

And here's Iggy. He's more of a Danny I think. Possibly one of the Knight Brothers. I know what you're thinking...but you gotta work your way up to Joey, no offense!

Welcome to the world boys -- see you soon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

We Are Suckers...

See this cow/giraffe lovey? It was $8.99 at Target. It's Hannah's favorite and she can't sleep without it.
Hannah is running around a lot, and she often takes her cow with her. And occaisionally she drops it on dirty surfaces. And of course, we won't always have the time to wash it before her naps. Our solution: buy another one! Unfortunately this lovey has been discontinued at Target. This is something that has not escaped the interwebs.

We tried finding this on eBay. Guess how much it was going for? $30! And did we buy it? I think the title of this entry will give you the answer.

Actually, we got off lucky. We've seen some lovies on eBay that are going for over $100! But if a kid is attached to a particular one, I can see why their parents will pay that much. Now excuse me while I go to Target --I see investment opportunities ahead...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Valley Hangout

If you ever want to know what Hannah's favorite place in the Valley is, ask her. She is not shy about telling us what it is:

And by Khana, she means Americana. At the Brand in Glendale! It has all her favorite things:




Seasonal Decorations


We also have been to the Grove in West Hollywood and tried to capture the same magic.

She enjoyed it (bonus points for Koi in the ponds), but the Americana is the clear favorite. Luckily, the Americana is WAY easier to get to.

Actually, we knew Hannah would like the Americana. She has liked it for months!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Universally Accessible Playgrounds

Hannah is so energetic we usually need to take her to a park or playground almost every day. The ones by our house are nice but are getting old. Luckily our friend Cherie told us about Universally Accessible Playgrounds, specifically Lake Balboa. These parks are awesome!

These playgrounds were built specifically for children with disabilities, but they are also great for toddlers because of all the ramps and rubber mats. And they're huge!

There are about 20 in the L.A. area and we've been to 3 so far:

Anthony Beilenson Park/Lake Balboa

Anthony Beidelson Park...with Margot!

Aidan's Place with Ollie

Hansen Dam

We can't wait to discover more!