Saturday, April 23, 2011

California Science Center

A few years ago I went to the California Science Center and had a good time. I like any science museum where you get to learn about physics by pushing buttons and turning knobs. So one day I took Hannah to the CSC hoping to do this, but sometime between our visit and the time i last went (maybe about 6 years), the CSC added an entire wing to their building called "Ecosystems" and it just recently opened a few months before our visit. I had no idea! So we had to check it out.

There were lots of cool exhibits but the main attraction is definietly the Kelp Forest Aquarium.

It even has a Wave Machine and Tunnel. With a Touch Tank nearby!

The Aquarium of the Pacific will charge you $25 a person to see this, but the CSC is absolutely free!!! (donations recommended though)
Despite all the photos of marine life, Hannah's favorite part of the visit is the Porcupine of the Desert Ecosytem.
This isn't really a photo I took at the CSC. The porcupine exhibit dark so its hard to take photos.

Anyway, the California Science Center was so cool we went again two weeks later when Lola visited!

And no trip to Exposition Park is complete without a stop at Mercado La Paloma!

Mercado La Paloma is a Latin American Food Court where they have Yucatan Food. And they have a play area in the middle so you can eat while your kids play. Why don' t more places have this?
So what about the buttons and knobs? Well, the CSC has replaced a lot of those exhibits with touch screens. No offense, but we already have an iPad. But with the Ecosystem wing, who cares? We'll definitely be back to visit the porcupine thats for sure!

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