Friday, April 15, 2011

Gold Line to Olivera Street

I've always enjoyed riding on trains. I have no idea why I'm drawn to them. Probably because they make you feel like you aren't in Southern California, because really who rides trains here?

Well, I thought I would share my love of trains with Hannah by taking her on her first train ride to downtown LA!
We started at the Del Mar Station in Pasadena. There's a fun, kid friendly restaurant literally at the station (Le Grand Orange), and you can even see the trains come and go while you eat.

We took the Gold Line because unlike the closer Red Line, the Gold Line is entirely above ground.

Union Station

Apparently Hannah didn't think I had enough spending money.

Olivera Street! We used that dough to buy about $25 worth of musical instruments. Take that, Kindermusik!

Hannah begins her Churro addiction here.

Going Home!

We had a great time downtown. We haven't done it since though, because it takes just as long to drive to the Pasadena station as it does to drive downtown. Now I know why no one here takes trains!

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